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CNC Router jobs large or small.

We machine plastics, fibreboard (MDF, LDF, etc), plywood, hardwood, foam, aluminum and more.
Our services range from panel processing for cabinets and furniture to creating 3D objects out of large or laminated stock.

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281 560-4400

Job we do

  • Panel Processing
  • Part Prototyping
  • Custom Cabinets
  • Architectural
  • Millwork
  • Signs
  • Reliefs and Murials
  • 3­D Carving
  • Furniture
  • Cylinders straight & radials
  • Wood sculptures
  • Concrete stamps

Materials we cut

  • Wood: hardwoods, softwoods
  • Plywood and OSB
  • Particle Board: MDF, LDF, Melamine
  • PVC: Sintra, Komatex, and others
  • Corian and other poured sufaces
  • Plastics and Acrylic
  • Composites
  • Non­-ferrous metals
  • Foam: rigid, open cell

We alsco create very large design elements using slicing and sub-assembies. Architectural carving, trim, arches, and so much more can be produced at our shop