How we work

Balancing the communication required to get the job done is just one of the many unique traits our project managers. Depending upon your requirements and style of communication, we dovetail our process to align to your standard operating procedures. During the process we use the tools that your team is most comfortable with and find most useful. We also create the documents that are used to design, clarify, and finalize deliverables.

Max Speed

Max Speed is our flagship service that helps get and keep your site's search engine ranking elevated. Recent changes in ranking methods now significantly account for compliance with being mobile friendly and the speed of page loads. Slow-loading pages have always driven away customers. Now they also reduce search engine ranking. That means some customers won't even reach the page that they might abandon once they get there. Not pretty!

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Web Development

We are experts in IT architecture and developing mobile-first web applications and features that work across all devices. Our vast experience can help your company have fast, rich, sensor-enabled mobile web sites that your visitors will fall in love with. We also have strategies to support your users that need offline functionality, which is not only great for LOB and internal use apps, but retail and supply chain scenarios too! BYOD has sweeping opportunities for business. Going with a web-based, mobile-first approach can be a cost effective strategy that enables BYOD in your enterprise.

Mobile Applications

Android, iOS, and Windows Phone native app development and cross-platform solutions that boost your business and expand your reach. From user-friendly consumer apps to game changing B2B apps, we've delivered a broad range of applications for our clients.

Cloud Architecture

Mobility, cloud computing, and virtualization are changing the way enterprises manage their IT infrastructure. The focus is on reducing the total cost of ownership, while remaining scalable and flexible to growing business needs.

  • Service-oriented architecture (SOA)
  • Event-driven architecture (EDA)
  • Domain-driven design (DDD)
  • Infrastructure elastic and scalability

Our event-driven architecture (EDA) provides powerful automation of your business processes and is designed for performance in the cloud.

Real-time BI

Decisionmakers want their information on the fly. Today’s data onslaught makes traditional methods of querying data-marts, emailing spreadsheets, and creating endless versions of custom reports obsolete. We also offer offline models where changes in your BI can trigger data to be pushed to user devices. This means the user will have latest BI on their device up until when their connectivity was last active.

Visual Design

It's a great thing when visitors react to your offerings. Appealing to the sensibilties has a lot to do with how productive your messages and offers will be. Our talented graphic artists will take your visual specs to new heights, increase communication, and present your products and services so that they sell better than ever before. Our design team also specializes in creating assets, layout, typography, and graphics targeted for your personas and audience range.


Having a great user experience is more important than ever before, especially since users often link the quality of their experience to the brand and the products they'll see during their visit. Mobile experiences suffer the most due to the extremes of small screens and hurried users that may not have perfect dexterity or vision. We create efficient usability coupled with engaging visuals, and all wrapped with a UX that delivers to your company's needs. A well-crafted UX is not only enjoyable for the user, but is profitable and also supports the key goals of your company.

IA (information architecture)

Our architects have deep knowledge in working with enterprise-class information systems. They are able to quickly understand your company’s IA and help you extend it using the best technologies, frameworks, platforms, and products available that are suited for your environment. Guidance on use of best practices and patterns is also an important part of the mix. Knowing your enterprise model, domain model, database schemas, permissions model, navigation model, interaction model, and how to harden and extend them is only a part of how we can help attain your goals.


Security is a core component within all our software design and development. We can help get and keep your online experiences secure, whether it be data, a service, a website, etc. We also offer Content Security Policy (CSP). CSP is an added layer of security that helps to detect and mitigate certain types of attacks, including Cross Site Scripting (XSS) and data injection attacks. These attacks are used for everything from data theft to site defacement and can even include the distribution of malware.